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Who We Are

We are the HGE (Hospitality, Gastronomy and Oenology) consultancy – a passionate, creative, business-oriented team, happy to provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to you, our clients.

We provide advice in all aspects of the restaurant and hospitality industry. We develop and implement solutions to challenges in your business and transform your operations into success stories. We create and execute concepts for new, exciting and profitable businesses.

We have operated as business consultants since 2012. This core business derives from experience gained in Food &Beverage (F&B) operations stretching back 25 years. The team is led by company founder, Denis Galić, who brings extensive experience and expertise from leading hotels and restaurants. Galić uses his business acumen to achieve a clear objective for the company: ensure top results for the clients.

That is what we do responsibly, devotedly and wholeheartedly.

We engage where challenges seem daunting or opportunities are not being seized. We intervene when a business is looking for differentiation, innovation or international experience. We join you to maximize your business potential.”

Why Us?

Our consultancy succeeds because we understand your business. We have been there for years and done it on a senior level. We nurture a hands-on approach and collaborate during the project until completion.

We do our consultancy together with you and for you. We tailor it because your business is like nobody else’s business. We make sure you understand and embrace new / improved concepts of your business before we leave as you have to be able to continue implementing new models of business operations once we’ve finished. Our goal is to produce workable solutions that will ease your operations, increase your profit and ensure long-term growth.

What we can do for you

Our Services

Hotel Management Consulting

F&B Management Consulting

Kitchen, Restaurant, Bar Operations

Education, Trainings, Mentoring

Hotel Management Consulting

  • We are glad to provide:
  • Pre-opening and opening management
  • Enrollment into global hotel marketing organizations
  • Market review and competitive landscape analysis
  • Business planning and development
  • Operational assessment and action plan
  • Revenue management
  • Growth analysis and growth strategy
  • Purchasing and sourcing advisement

F&B Management Consulting

  • We are glad to help you:
  • Develop the most suitable F&B concept for you business
  • Set up Kitchen layout and technology
  • Set up Restaurant & Bar layout and organization
  • Design and engineer menus
  • Growth F&B revenue and profitability
  • Organize F&B to work efficiently and effectively
  • Standardize work processes and establish quality standards
  • Deal with new opening or venue upgrade

Feel free to discuss your specific needs and we will provide the best tailor-made solution for you.

“Food & Beverage is a world of passion, challenges and continuous changes. Our mission is to share knowledge and best practices on how to make it a profitable business too.”

Denis Galić

Education & Training

The ability to transfer our own knowledge and expertise to other people is very rewarding to us. And we love to teach and train what we know best. Be it through advanced programs for experienced employees, or the essential basics for hospitality beginners, we combine theory and practice to enhance our students’ competences and capabilities.

Here again we are able to tailor the courses as per your business priorities and your staff needs.

Denis is a certified lecturer for F&B and an author of many handbooks on F&B topics.

Chef Mentoring

Some people enter the world of kitchen operations with a passion for flavours and creating great food, whilst others may enter purely by chance. No matter their reasons, our mission is to enhance their cooking knowledge & skills, as well as economic competences. That’s because, not only must chefs be able to deliver irresistibly delicious meals each and every day, but they also need to run the kitchen as a profitable business unit.

Denis has been both Executive Chef and Patron Chef at many leading hotels so will uplift your kitchen staff capability to an entirely new level.

Our Clients

Training Centre

In 2015, we opened The One: a luxury rental villa located on the slopes of the Učka Nature Park and just a few minutes’ drive from the Adriatic Sea. The villa is a perfect place for lovers of both stylish decor and idyllic nature. With four beautifully appointed en-suite bedrooms, bright and spacious living space, fantastic kitchen, sunny terraces, outdoor jacuzzi, infinity swimming pool and vast garden, it has everything you need for a relaxing and luxurious vacation.

In addition, The One is utilized as a Training Centre for Food & Beverage professionals during mid and low season. The courses are tailor-made, according to clients’ specific needs. Please enquire for more details to access this stunning location.

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